Keeping You Warm This Winter 

Our qualified technicians are ready and available to service / repair your gas heating system, from routine maintenance, breakdowns to replacement of components. All service calls include a safety check of the appliance along with a carbon monoxide test to ensure that you and your family are safe.

Heating Appliances

We service all leading brands and types of gas heating units; from ducted heaters, wall furnaces, space heaters to gas log fires.   

Call today for any inquires that you have.

Gas  Safety

Did you know that according to Energy Safe Victoria, all heating systems should be checked every two years. 

Carbon monoxide, also know as the silent killer, can leak undetected from a faulty gas heater, its lethal as it can't be seen and has no smell, it can cause  chronic illness or even  death.

Call today to have your heating system checked with our digital carbon monoxide testers. Our equipment is tested every 12 months to ensure that its calibrated correctly.

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